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Art and Technology

Artists working with moving images are always keen on catching the numerous expressive possibilities offered by new technologies. Since the seventies, when video-art was born, it has developed a lot, often foreseeing ideas and solutions which have been used by advertising and television afterwards. Nowadays it’s hard to count the number of experimentations on new media: art via fax and via internet, holography, video-concert, etc…
Video-installation is a very interesting field  and the results on experimentation have been the most diverse up to know. Video-installations give the chance to unhinge bio-dimensionality on screen, to break physical limits and even to allow the audience to enter the work. Especially for the participation required to the spectator, interactive video-installation is certainly the most playful and intriguing form of art ever.
Masters of the genre such as Nam June Paik, Woody e Steina Vasulka, Bill Viola, Robert Cahen are worldwide known and in demand in every museum abroad while in Italy only a few art centres such as Palazzo delle Esposizioni in Roma, Palazzo delle Papesse in Siena, Museo Pecci in Prato have recently decided to reserve remarkable spaces to new forms of contemporary art. A.I.A.C.E - Milano is bringing the most recent and significant videoinstallations to Milan at Techne, Art and Technology.