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A year without INVIDEO: See you in 2019

INVIDEO exists since 1990 and it’s one of the eldest and most resistant Italian festivals dedicated to cinema beyond and video-art.

It has matured a precious archive, anticipated trends, established contacts and national and international networking, it has published superb catalogues, organized meetings and in-depth follow-ups, shows and reviews, invited artists, offering in preview wonders for the vision and the mind. It has become an essential landmark for those dealing with the different and new sound and images.

Whom has followed us in these decades has seen the many evolutions and transformations and who is following us only since a few years knows quite well how many difficulties we’ve had to face, even with inventive and not easy solutions. It’s uncalled for to highlight here once again the impervious and sometimes frustrating road that important and historical cultural events and realities are forced to cross, in Italy and nearly everywhere nowadays.

Due to unforeseen events, uncertain and moreover complex situations under many aspects, we are forced to take a break this year, envisioning though the 2019 edition with a renovated formula and, we hope, a new energy and necessary support.

A difficult and not happy decision that we have postponed as much as possible: we will be unable to accept the many requests to vision works nor the several proposals for 2018, but we hope to find again the works and the authors for the 2019 edition.

We thank everyone whom has supported us and shown signs of solidarity and appreciation in these years and we look forwards confidently to an excellent INVIDEO 2019.

Romano Fattorossi, Sandra Lischi

Elena Marcheschi
Artistic Consultant

Alessia Barzaghi
General Organisation