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Diverso da chi?

Since 2005 A.I.A.C.E. – Milano has established a service for people carrying visual and hearing impairments. Following the other European countries experiences (such as the English, French or Swedish ones) A.I.A.C.E.- Milano has launched Cinema without barriers®, a project aimed at promoting entertainment programmes for people suffering from a physical or sensorial disability, who can finally share the fun of going to the cinema with friends, relatives and normal users.

Thanks to a grant from Piano Emergo of Provincia di Milano, A.I.A.C.E. is happy to inform that the second edition fo the dvd Diverso da chi? Per una nuova cultrua del rispetto.

The respect of diversity, in fact, can be promoted by screenings of films featuring or about disabled children. This allows to the teachers to introduce, in a more attractive way, topics that would otherwise look stark.

The fifteen films featured in the DVD, subtitled in Italian, are available for non commercial screenings (in schools, associations, seminar meetings, etc.).
In order to help the youngest children that are not yet experienced readers, a dialogue list is provided for some films.

Click here to request the dvd.